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No. 2 -- March 18, 2009

Technology Worth Another Look!

In January 2008 Folded Homes launched our family of yurt shelters with our TekYurts and UtiYurts.  Developed and rigorously tested in the three years following the devastating 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, the yurts are inexpensive, simple to assemble, and highly configurable.  A unique characteristic of these shelters are their 3-inch (7.62 cm) thick double walls that can be insulated with any locally available biomass, making these structures true four-seasons shelters. 

Last September we expanded the yurt family by introducing the LiteYurt, a single-walled yurt which like its siblings can be connected to up to five other yurts to create multi-room structures.

Our Yurt shelters are based on ‘origami architecture’, erected by folding die-cut flat panels into three-dimensional building blocks and then assembling those blocks into the structure.  Icosa Village pioneered this technology with its IcoPods and DecaPods which are now exclusively distributed by Folded Homes.

The fundamental technology behind the yurts and the pods is the same, and both families of shelters are designed for years of use.

The two shelter families differ in several important ways: 

IcoPods and DecaPods are gorgeous geodesic domes that make a signature architectural statement. A Pod’s building blocks are taped and sometimes glued together. If aesthetics is central to your shelter decision, consider a Pod.

LiteYurts, UtiYurts, and TekYurts offer a highly utilitarian solution to the problem of providing low-cost housing. Their elegance lies in their cost-benefit efficacy.  Yurts simply bolt together, are almost indestructible, and are quite tolerant of assembly errors. If providing cheap effective shelter is your primary concern, consider a Yurt.
Pods and Yurts: two families, five shelter variations, one fundamental technology.  It’s a technology worth another look!

Five-Year Anniversary Proves Extruded Plastic Longevity

Still “looking like the day we finished putting it up” the Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground IcoPod celebrated its fifth anniversary in February 2009, demonstrating that properly maintained, the extruded plastic sheets that all Folded Homes Pods and Yurts are manufactured from will provide years of shelter.

LiteYurts – Rigid Walled Shelter for the Price of a Tent

Folded Homes’ family of yurt shelters grew to three with the addition of the LiteYurt last fall.  The single-walled LiteYurt joins its’ double-walled brethren: UtiYurts and TekYurts.  LiteYurts are cost competitive with similarly sized refugee tents yet provide their inhabitants with the security of a completely waterproof, rigid-walled shelter.  LiteYurts are an ideal shelter solution where reducing cost is a paramount concern and where weather conditions don’t demand an insulated shelter.

Icosa Village Pods Once Again Available

After a hiatus of almost three years, IcoPods and DecaPods are once again available for purchase.  Lessons learned from their December 2005 deployment high in the Pakistani Himalayas following the devastating earthquake there lead to design changes that increased the robustness of the DecaPods. Peruse our gallery of Pod installations in Pakistan, Spain, Italy, Canada, and the United States. A comprehensive set of Pod FAQs is available.

Rescued Pig Spends Cold Winter Toasty Warm in Insulated Yurt

Raymond is a pot-bellied pig rescued from dire straits in northeastern Pennsylvania.  For the last five months he has thrived in his new home in a double-room Yurt shelter at the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Mehoopany. He declared his unheated new home ‘toasty and warm” because his Yurt is insulated with straw.

Distributors Wanted

Folded Homes is actively seeking individuals and organizations to distribute our Pods and Yurts.   Become a commissioned broker and earn up to 15% of the value of orders you generate.  Contact info@foldedhomes.com for information.

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