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March 12, 2009

Raymond's Journal

Hi there! My name is Raymond, thank you for visiting!
I have been living here at the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary for 5 months and this is my story.

Our New Home

By: Indra Lahiri on 03/12/2009
(Indraloka Animal Sanctuary Animal Blog Annotated with Additional Photos)

Raymond, Waldo, Selick, and Ming Nau all came to us in August from a very sad situation. They were among 55 pigs being severely neglected, and were taken away from filthy, unsafe, and cruel conditions by the Humane Society. Raymond, along with the other three here at the sanctuary, was deemed to be in the worst shape of all 55, and that is why he is here with us.


Looking at him now, it is difficult to imagine the emaciated, terrorized little piggy that we first met in a dark, dirty barn! Today, Raymond comes trotting out of his Yurt anytime he hears visitors approaching. With sparkling eyes and a wagging tail, it is easy to see how happy he is in his new home.

The Yurts are really quite impressive. They were donated by Folded Homes (www.foldedhomes.com), a company that manufactures them for humanitarian organizations. For example, in an area where there has been a terrible earthquake, or in a war-torn region where homes are destroyed, these shelters provide safe and comfortable housing for people in dire need. Now they also provide housing for pigs in dire need!

The shelters are insulated with straw and have stayed toasty and warm throughout this bitter winter season. They are roomy and light-filled inside, with doors and windows. There is even a chimney if you want to add a wood stove (which the pigs declined to do for safety reasons :-))

The Yurts were very easy to put together. We did it in a few hours with a group of volunteers and no tools. What a cool design, and what a generous donation to the sanctuary! Raymond, Waldo, and Selick are certainly happy!


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