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Patty RangelPatty Rangel
Sales & Deployment Specialist

Patty Rangel has worked extensively in large scale event production and international project management and has produced 6 short films, 10 theater plays, 132 multidisciplinary projects and gallery openings; and has worked with clients such as Disney, Sundance, and TGW (most recently in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia). 

In the non-profit sector, Ms. Rangel has worked with  environmental education and sustainable development, currently representing the Art Miles Mural Project (U.N. Environment Program/UNESCO Project in support for the Decade of Peace) as a Peace Ambassador and Consultant for the environmental division of the 2010 "Exhibit of the Century" in Cairo, Egypt. 

Other work includes Project Management for Evolutionary Center and Entheon Village (www.entheonvillage.com) for the creation and coordination of a temporary eco-village in the Nevada desert - housing 310 people, implementing solar and wind power, composting, recycling, a raw food kitchen, and most importantly- sustainable shelters/housing (including domes, yurts, and tipis).

Other credits include work with the San Diego Natural History Museum-Binational Environmental Education Program, the Endangered Planet Foundation (where she serves as an Advisory Director), Project Manager for the "EarthShift"  eco-village in the big island of Hawaii, and environmental adviser to Waabimaseh of the Serpent First Nation/Ojibway tribe in Ontario, Canada.

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